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Welcome to Paris Home Shares LLC!

UPDATE 1/20/2014:  NEW RESALE LISTING AT JARDIN SAINT PAUL:  Today, we have added another new listing at Jardin Saint Paul for sale.  Check out our Shares for Resale page, or visit the Jardin Saint Paul page for photos of this wonderful 2 BR in the highly coveted Marais district.
UPDATE 1/10/2014:  SALE OF SHARE AT JARDIN SAINT PAUL:  We are pleased to announce the sale of a resale share at Jardin Saint Paul.  A few other resales are still available at this very reasonably priced apartment in the heart of the Maris district.  Check these out on our Resales for Sale page.
UPDATE 11/21/2013:  2 NEW RESALE LISTINGS AT VILLA MONCEAU!  Rare opportunity to get a beautiful 1 BR share at Villa Monceau, our first project and located in a prime area of the 17th arrondissement, at a fantastic price!
UPDATE 10/20/2013:  RESALE SHARE SOLD AT LE PETIT TRESOR:  We are pleased to announce that the recently listed share for the 1 BR apartment at Le Petit Tresor has sold for $145,000 to a South African couple. 
UPDATE 6/13/13:  NEW RESALE LISTING AT JARDIN SAINT PAUL:  Our lowest priced 2 bedroom fractional in the Marais now has another opportunity for a new owner. Comes complete with 2 free weeks for 2013. See our Shares for Resale page for more information.
UPDATE 6/12/13:  NEW RESALE LISTING AT LE PETIT TRÉSOR. Lowest priced share at Le Petit Tresor, with summer usage month for 2014!  Priced at $145,000.  See Shares for Resale page.
UPDATE 12/2/12: The April share at Chez la Tour has been sold for $212,900. 
NEWS FLASH 7/3/12:  I am pleased to announce that Paris Home Shares has been selected to market the Paris fractional properties of Elite Destination Homes.  These two apartments, Rue du Four in the 6th arrondissement, and Rue de l'Université in the 7th arrondissment represent the largest and most elegant fractional ownership apartments on the Paris market!  Check our Available Properties to learn more about each of these beautiful homes!

   Paris Home Shares specializes in the sale of  fractional ownership apartment shares in Paris, France.  Partial or shared ownership of homes in Paris allows you to own and enjoy an elegant furnished apartment without the high costs of full ownership. 
MY STORY                                                               
Steve NavaroMy name is Steve Navaro, and I am the founder of Paris Home Shares, LLC. I first conceived of the idea of fractional ownership in 2002, after having visited Paris several times. I have been a real estate attorney and broker since 1977, and checking out real estate in exotic places has always been a favorite pastime. Of course, everyone dreams of owning a beautiful "home away from home", and I am no different. But I was disheartened by the prices in Paris on my first visit in 2000, and even more so on each subsequent visit, as Parisian real estate prices soared and the dollar's value plummeted.

   Then, a light bulb went off. Why do I need to own an entire apartment, when I couldn't possibly use it for more than a month or two at most each year? Do I really want to be an absentee landlord, grovel for a mortgage and hope that I can cover my costs by becoming a hotelier to short term renters? I decided that finding a few like-minded Paris lovers to share the costs made so much more sense, and we could decorate the property to fit our tastes, as it truly could be our home. Even better, there would be no need for a mortgage, and we could purchase a higher quality place to stay. And from this germ of an idea, I decided to turn over my 3 businesses to my son, and to focus full time on development of the concept of luxury fractional ownership apartments in the most select neighborhoods of Paris.
    We are the only company that specializes in fractional ownership developments in Paris.  We are not a "property finders agency", and we are not an "apartment rental" agency. Our sole focus and mission is to find and purchase quality apartments that meet our strict criteria, renovate them to modern American standards, furnish them with the finest of antiques and furniture, and offer them for fractional ownership to a few lucky buyers at a small fraction of what it would cost to purchase even an ordinary unfurnished studio in a nondescript part of Paris.
    If having your own pied-a-terre in Paris for a month, without debt, without renters, luxuriously appointed and at a tiny fraction of the cost you would pay to buy an unfurnished studio apartment with a mortgage,  sounds like a good idea to you too, then just click on the links below.

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